Naomi Maki
2014  July
She dedicated her singing of the Russian Jesus prayer (15TH century) and Russian folk song to the 160th commemoration of the Russian admiral Yevfimy Putyatin(19th century) in Heda in Japan.

2014  May - June
The exhibition: Naomi Maki on Paper Work
Place : The Gallery OTOKOMAE in Moscow

2014  25th April - 19th May
"Transcending the Impermanence"
Place : State Museum of Oriental Art / Искусство стран Востока

2014  30th January - 14th February
"Journey of The Soul" / “Странствия духа”
Place : Volkhonka Grand Art Centre, First Small Exhibition Hall
Opening Reception 30th January 17:00 - 22:00

2013  15th November
Performing at the Exhibition Opening Hiroaki Miyayama.
Place : The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.
Time : Opening 17:00 -

2013  3rd November
Charity Concert of Sacred Christian Antiphon Music from 4th to 15th century.
The Soloist : Iegor Reznikov
Choir : Student of The Thaikovsky Concervatory
Place : The Church of Kosmy and Demiana
Time : 20:30 -